Martin Müller
Assistant professor SNFS
University of Lausanne
Faculty of geosciences
and environnement
Géopolis 3514
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone +41 21 692 3058
Fax +41 21 692 3555

M3 (Materialities | Multiplicities | Metropolis)

Place de la Riponne in Lausanne, Palace Square (Дворцовая площадь) in St. Petersburg, Sächsilüüteplatz in Zürich, Knuedler in Luxembourg, Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Walk across any of these public spaces and you will find them very different at different times. Each of them harbors the potential to become a market, an open-air concert, a demonstration, the finish line of a marathon, a biotope, a place to relax – or simply a meeting point. As material structures, these spaces create the affordances for cities to become livable and enjoyable. You make the city and the city makes you. You've just experienced Materialities | Multiplicities | Metropolis.

Meet M3. We are a research team in Urban Studies at the University of Lausanne. Mega-events, urban projects small and large, and unruly nature are what we are interested in. We work in cities in Europe and the Global East. For us cities emerge as sociomaterial entanglements, where past histories, present practices, and future potentialities combine.

We are M3:

- Muriel Delabarre

- Miriam Hug

- Nadja Imhof

- Annick Leick

- Martin Müller

- Sven Daniel Wolfe