Alexis Metzger
Senior Researcher SNSF
At IGD until 2021

I am Senior researcher in Geography (SNF, project FLUIDGOV). I wonder how government-community relations around floods in Valais have been reshaped over time. The 3 main objectives of the project are :

•Understanding how modern societies (19th century) in the Rhone (Switzerland) used to live with floods, reacting to or anticipating them, while dealing with or confronting government-community conflicts.

•Analysing "flood governance" modalities and dynamics, both in early modern and contemporary settings, in relation to paradigms (meanings of water and land) and cultural interpretations of rivers, to resource use patterns, economics and livelihoods, and to river materiality (flood hazard).

•Mapping out new potential ways of sound and equitable "fluid governance" (as exploring for example the potential of digital and connected technologies).

My PhD (2014, University Paris Panthéon Sorbonne) was about the winter in the Netherlands during the Golden Age, XVIIth century (with interdisciplinary perspectives in Geography, historical Climatology and History of Arts).

I have been Junior Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Humanities (ATER, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris), Postdoctoral researcher in Geography (University of Strasbourg and Limoges) and during my PhD Visiting researcher in History of Arts (University of Amsterdam).