Christophe Lambiel
Associated member
At IGD until 2013


Geography excursions - Bachelor

One day excursion on the topics of water and the physical properties of the city of Lausanne

Practical works in Geomorphology - Bachelor

The practical works in geomorphology aim at forming the students to the use of various basic methods in geomorphology. They are organised around 3 main fields : 1) Study of topographical maps and aerial photographies, 2) Sedimentology and 3) Topometry.

Geomorphology II (Course - Pratical works) - Bachelor

Course focusing on alpine geomrphology. It aims at forming the students to the analysis of alpine geomorphological landscapes.

Geomorphological mapping (Field camp) - Bachelor

Alpine periglacial environment (Course - practical works) - Master

The course presents the stakes of the study of the alpine periglacial environment, its main charcteristics and the methods used for its analysis. The main topics are the study of the permafrost distribution, of the mass movements in alpine periglacial environment and of the effect of the global warming on the permafrost. The course is completed by practical works (data processing and analysis).

Mountain process geomorphology (practical course) - Master

This practical course aims at forming the students to 1) the use of the GIS for the geomorphological analysis of mountain areas and to 2) the analysis of geomorphological processes in alpin areas with numerical documents.

Mountain process geomorphology (Field camp) - Master

The objectives of this field course are to provide students with a basic training in advanced field data collection techniques for high mountain cryosphere and geomorphological research. The field course is organised around : (1) a series of visits to exemplars of particular high mountain research questions ; and (2) particular training in the advanced techniques used in studying these environments.