Jonathan Bussard
Graduate assistant - doctoral fellow
University of Lausanne
Institute of geography and sustainability – Sion
Office 220
Ch. de l'Institut 18
CH-1967 Bramois (Sion)
Phone +41 27 205 7334

Jonathan Bussard

Jonathan Bussard is a graduate assistant - PhD student at the Institute of Geography and Sustainability since June 2019, member of the research group "Margins, Environment, Landscapes" and of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research. His PhD thesis focuses on the tourism development of geomorphological heritage in southern Iceland, around the UNESCO site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch and in the Moroccan Atlas (M'Goun Geopark). He joined in January 2022, as a research fellow, the team of the project FluidGov - Towards a fluid governance: hydrosocial analysis of the paradigms and practices of flood management of the Rhone and the Ganges (India, France, Switzerland). He previously worked for the Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut Regional Nature Park and for the Office for land planning of the Canton of Vaud.