Maurice Kwan-Chung Yip
Assistant diplômé - doctorant

Université de Lausanne
Institut de géographie et durabilité
Mouline - Géopolis 3540
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tél. +41 21 692 3074

Thèse de doctorat

(English version below)

如果您是共享工作空間(coworking spaces)的使用者、創辦者、運作團隊的員工或者業主,甚或只是對共享工作空間和都市裏各種共享做法感興趣,本人誠摯邀請您分享經驗和想法!



– 與您進行訪談(面談或網上)、
– 觀察您在共享工作空間的活動、和/或
– 收集您願意分享的資料。



如果您樂意與我分享您的經驗和想法,請您填寫這份表格或電郵至KwanChung.Yip@unil.ch。你也可以用 TelegramWhatsApp 與本人聯絡。本人重視您的參與並期待能與您聯絡。

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @sharingurbanism


我是葉鈞頌 Maurice,現為瑞士洛桑大學地理科學及環境學院的地理學哲學博士候選人,從事地理學、都市研究及社會科學的學術研究工作。我的研究建基於法律地理學、領域理論和全球東方研究的學術文獻。

If you are a coworker, a host, a staff member or a property owner of coworking spaces, or even if you are just interested in coworking spaces and various sharing initiatives in the city, I cordially invite you for a chat about your experiences and thoughts!

I am looking for people in Lausanne or Hong Kong, or even any cities in the world, who are willing to share with me their experiences and thoughts about coworking spaces. No matter your relation to coworking spaces is a former, current or potential one, I wish to get in touch with you. I also wish to talk to people who have experiences or thoughts about different sharing initiatives in the city, including co-living and car-sharing.

This is because I am conducting a research project about coworking spaces and different sharing initiatives in the city for my doctoral studies at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The focus of my project lies on the relations between the rise of coworking spaces and the global urban transformation, especially relating to the changing mode of work under the pandemic, and their implications for urban and territorial planning. The opportunity of meeting you is not only an opportunity for me to gather research data, but also an occasion for you to reflect upon your experiences and share your ideas, and together we can imagine and seek the outlook for the city. I also hope that my project can benefit you and the wider community, so I am happy to share with you the research results when they are available.

Depending on your willingness, I would like to
– conduct an interview with you (either face-to-face or online),
– observe what you do in coworking spaces, and/or
– collect other relevant materials from you.

Your participation is voluntary, and research ethics shall always be the most important and prioritised concern of this project. The collected data will be securely kept and handled. For the details, please read the information sheet and the informed consent form. I will also explain them to you when we meet.

The research work in Hong Kong will be conducted from September 2021 to January 2022. I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Switzerland.

If you could share with me your experiences and thoughts, may I ask you to fill in this form or send me an email (KwanChung.Yip@unil.ch)? You may also contact me on Telegram or WhatsApp. I value your participation and look forward to hearing from you.

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @sharingurbanism

Who am I?

My name is Maurice Yip. I am currently a PhD candidate in Geography at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. My academic work engages in debates in social sciences, particularly geography and urban studies. My research builds upon the shoulders of giants who developed legal geography, theorised territoriality, and studied the Global East.