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Beneath the latrines of Mandalay: sanitation government and urban political ecological change in Myanmar

Research fields Political ecologies
Keywords Urban Political Ecology
Political Geography
Urban Geography
Development Studies
Funding UNIL
Duration August 2015 - December 2019
Researchers Sanchez Jérémie (Doctoral student) [web] [email]
Véron René (Supervision) [web] [email]

This thesis explores the government of sanitation in the city of Mandalay, Myanmar, as an entry point to better understand the broader processes of urban, political, and socio-ecological change currently unfolding in the country. The thesis asks how sanitation is governed in Mandalay, understanding 'government' in the Foucauldian sense of the conduct of the conduct. In so doing, the thesis attempts to unveil the processes that undergird the persistence of sanitation struggles in Mandalay through the lens of Urban Political Ecology (UPE), an epistemic approach in Human Geography that assumes its objects to be socio-material hybrids.