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Landscape governance and protected areas

Research fields Political ecologies
Keywords Governance
Fire regimes
Conservation projects
Protected areas
Funding BMUB, UNIL
Duration Mai 2016 - July 2022
Researchers Walters Gretchen (Supervision) [web] [email]

Landscape governance, an emerging field of study in conservation, concerns the institutional arrangements, decision-making processes, policies, power dynamics and values by which actors pursue their interests in a landscape (e.g. food production, conservation, forestry). When working at the landscape scale, the decision-making spaces, processes and institutions become the vehicle through which rights holders and stakeholders come together to discuss issue and act, often through landscape approaches.

This project seeks to understand governance issues related to conservation landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on participatory processes, power dynamics, understanding perceptions of local communities, and historical drivers of current landscape conflicts.

Kele la Kalami, Gabon