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MontanAqua – Approaching water stress in the Alps. Water management options in the Crans-Montana-Sierre Region (Valais)

Research fields Margins, environment, landscapes
Water Resources Management
Water Resources Management
Keywords Modelling
Water management
Funding Swiss National Foundation (SNF)
Duration March 2010 - November 2013
Website http://p3.snf.ch/Project-125964
Researchers Bonriposi Mariano (Doctoral student)
Reynard Emmanuel (Project co-applicant) [web] [email]

The project MontanAqua is carried out within the framework of the National research program NRP 61 "Sustainable water management" by a team of 13 researchers of geographical institutes of universities of Berne, Fribourg and Lausanne. The main objective of the transdisciplinary study is to develop strategies moving towards more sustainable water resources management in the Crans-Montana-Sierre region (Valais), together with actors involved. The study is based on in-depth evaluation of the impacts of the climate/environmental and socio-economic changes on water resources, and on a detailed survey of water use and of current water management systems at a regional scale (11 communes). This objective is addressed through three main research axes – water resources, water use, and socio-economic structure – on different temporal and spatial scales. The Institute of Geography of UNIL is in charge of the analysis of water uses through the PhD thesis of Mariano Bonriposi. The study is divided in two steps: the analysis of current water uses (2010) and modelling of future water uses (2050). Conclusions of the study are the following: (1) climate change will increase local and temporal shortages (e.g. at the end of Summer); (2) a choice for sustainable regional development is necessary to avoid conflicts in the future; (3) the region should develop a demand management strategy with the establishment of a supra-municipal water management institution, with sufficient legal and financial resources.


Geosciences Actuel 2010
Présentation du projet (en allemand)
Download (PDF file; 550.40 kB)
Project summary (in english)
Download (PDF file; 88.73 kB)
MRI News
Project presentation (in english)
Download (PDF file; 450.39 kB)
Résumé du projet (en français)
Download (PDF file; 63.09 kB)
HW 2010
Présentation du projet (en allemand)
Download (PDF file; 1.02 MB)
Meteo Magazine 2010
Présentation du projet (en français)
Download (PDF file; 297.26 kB)
Enjeux de gestion de l'eau
Enjeux actuels de gestion de l'eau et moyens d'y faire face
Download (PDF file; 181.04 kB)
Usages de l'eau en 2010
Paper presenting the water uses situation in 2010-2011.
Download (PDF file; 7.43 MB)

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Bonriposi, M. (2013). Analyse systémique et prospective des usages de l'eau dans la région de Crans-Montana-Sierre (Suisse). Géovisions 43. Université de Lausanne, Institut de géographie et durabilité. ISBN 978-2-940368-18-1. Info
Reynard, E., Bonriposi, M., Graefe, O., Herweg, K., Homewood, C., Huss, M., Kauzlaric, M., Liniger, H., Rey, E., Rist, S., Schädler, B., Schneider, F. and Weingartner, R. (2013). MontanAqua. Anticiper le stress hydrique dans les Alpes ? Scénarios de gestion de l'eau dans la région de Crans-Montana-Sierre (Valais) : résultats finaux et recommandations. Lausanne: Universités de Berne, Lausanne et Fribourg. ISBN 978-2-940368-20-4. Info
Reynard, E. and Bonriposi, M. (2012). Water use management in dry mountains of Switzerland. The case of Crans-Montana-Sierre area. In Neményi, M. et Balint, H., The impact of urbanisation, industrial, agricultural and forest technologies on the natural environment. Sopron : Nyugat-magyarorszagi Egyetem. 281-301 Info
Weingartner, R. et Reynard, E. (2010). Pénurie d'eau en région intra-alpine: projet d'étude pour une utilisation durable de l'eau en Valais, dans la région de Crans-Montana. Météo Magazine, 6: 60-61. Info