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IES - Indicators and rivers' health situation

Research fields Margins, environment, landscapes
Keywords Integrated indicator
Boiron de Morges
Funding University of Lausanne
Duration October 2015 - December 2016
Researchers Milano Marianne (---) [web] [email]
Reynard Emmanuel (---) [web] [email]

Periodic water stress in the rivers of the canton of Vaud during the summer season questions their ecological state and their capacity to keep fulfilling water uses. In 1993, the Federal Office for the Environment, the Federal Institute for Water Supplies, Waster Water Treatment and Water Resources Protection and Eawag suggested a method to apprehend the current state of Swiss water bodies. This modular stepwise procedure comprises a set of methods for hydrology, ecomorphology, biology, chemistry and ecotoxicology. The “Direction générale de l’environnement” in the canton of Vaud and “Maison de la Rivière” have led several studies to provide a cantonal overview of watercourses’ state. However, pooling of results has not been done and some modules have not been assessed. Therefore, this project aims to achieve these two objectives and to provide answers to the following questions: What are the assets and limits of the modular stepwise procedure? Is the modular stepwise procedure efficient to define and monitor the state of Swiss water bodies? Could other integrated indicators be considered? Project partners: IDYST (Dr. Nathalie Chèvre) Maison de la rivière Canton of Vaud - Direction général de l'environnement - Direction de l'environnement industriel, urbain et rural

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