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Globalisation of tourism. The extension of the touristic ecumene between 1800 and 2000.

Research fields Cultures and natures of tourism
Keywords GIS
Funding Swiss National Science Foundation UNIL-IGD
Duration January 2011 - December 2015
Researchers Antonescu Andreea (---)
Stock Mathis (---) [web] [email]

Since the beginning of the 19th century, tourism’s spatial patterns have dramatically changed: from a system comprising a small number of places to a global system of tourist places. A geo-historical process of an expanding system of tourist places has been going on, where ever-new places enter the system while others exit the tourism system. It raises the question of globalisation as a double process of a “touristification” of the world through the application of the tourist gaze to virtually every object and place, and of the emergence of a global pattern of tourist places. Through the construction of a data base relying on tourist guides from 1800 to 2000, we provide a cartography of the globalisation of tourism.