Institute of Geography and Sustainability of the University of Lausanne
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INSITE - Innovation sustainability Technology

Research fields Science of Geographic Information
Analysis of urban systems
Graph analysis
Keywords Clustering
Sociology of Organizations
Agglomeration economies
Participatory processes
Funding European Union FP7 FET 8Future Emerging Technologies)
Duration December 2011 - December 2015
Website http://www.insiteproject.org/
Researchers Rozenblat Céline (---) [email]

INSITE’s principal objective is to promote and coordinate the efforts of a mixed community of researchers and practitioners committed to the study of what we call the “Innovation Society” - and its innovation dependency - and to the effective implementation of a series of projects and practices directly contributing to the construction of a sustainable society, both environmentally conscious and socially responsible. We not only carry out investigations on the innovation society, its innovation dynamics and the social and environmental consequences, we also work hard to promote and develop shared strategies through which society can monitor and direct these dynamics toward a socially and environmentally sustainable future. We believe that a full and genuine commitment of people is the best, if not the only, way to reach a more just and sustainable society.