Silvia Wojczewski
Doctoral fellow
At IGD until 2021


Inter- and transdisciplinary research methods (Master in Tourism studies, 2016)

- Interview techniques

- Content analysis

- Discours analysis

- Scientific presentations

Anthropology of travel and tourism (Master in Tourism studies, 2016 - )

Cultures of travel

– Cultural conceptions of travel

– Metadiscourses and narratives of touristic practices

– Pilgrimage and initiatory journey

– Memory, material cultures and circulation

– Voyage touristique et culture moderne Touristic travel and cultures of modernity

Cultures of travel destinations

– History and tourist culture of destinations

– Hospitality and contact zones

– Power relations between tourism and host society

– International tourism and identity

Qualitative methods

– Techniques of data collection (interview, participant observation, text analysis: visual culture, spatial and written text)

– Content and discourse analysis

Heritage, innovation, terroir (Master in Tourism studies, 2017)

1. Comprehension of political, economic and social challenges regarding the notion of "heritage" and its implication in the field of tourism

2. Development of innovative "heritage and terroir" products taking into account socio-economic specificities

Field trip, Lisbon -Berlin (Master in Tourism studies, 2016 - 2018)

Gentrification. Method: Observation

Tourism "off the beaten track". Methods: Role play in pairs. One takes on the role of the tourist who gets lost, the other observes how the tourist takes decisions; collective evaluation afterwards.

Urban habitat and life in the different neighbourhoods. Participant observation with locals in the historic neighbourhoods of Lisbon.

Street art tours at Lisbon. Activités : Participation observation and interview with tour guide.

Discourse on urban heritage: the case of the Azulejo. Observe, take notes and discourse analysis in regards to the azulejo and its valorization as cultural heritage in Portugal.

Mentoring individual student's projects.