Silvia Wojczewski
Doctoral fellow
At IGD until 2021

Workshop and conference organisation 2016 -


"Geographies of Alternative Care: Spaces, Ecologies and Methods" (Hybrid conference). Organisers: Miriam Tola (IGD), Marianna Fernandes (IGD), Simone Ranocchiari (IGD), Christophe Mager (IGD), Silvia Wojczewski (IGD-LACS). Lausanne, Switzerland, 26-27 November


"AnthroMob (Anthropology and mobilities) annual network meeting (online)". Organisers: Anna Lisa Ramella, Fabiola Mancinelli, Silvia Wojczewski. EASA European Association for Social Anthropology conference 2020. 20 July. Virtual conference in Lisbon.


"Mobility and the future of work." Co-Organizer with F. Mancinelli (UBarcelona), A. Ramella (USiegen), D. Johnson (UAmhurst), H. Patzer (Academy of Science Warsaw) of the EASA Anthromob workshop. Barcelona, November 6-8.


"Performing and narrating Afropean (auto)biographies in the arts and Europe." Co-Chair with P. Ohene-Nyako (UGeneve) and M. Pétrémont (UGeneve). Panel at 7th Biannual Afroeuropean conference. Lisbon, July 7.


"Corp(us) (in)disciplines". Workshop on Gender and the body including a performance night. Co-Organizer with S.Ranocchiari, C. Mager, J. Pope (IGD-Unil). Lausanne, Switzerland, June 13.


"Audiovisual data analysis workshop". Co-Organizer with I. Strebel (IGD-Unil) of CUSO geography doctoral workshop, invited guest E. Laurier (U Edenborough). Lausanne, Switzerland, May 20-21.


"Atelier de réalisation vidéo pour géographes". Co-organizer of the CUSO doctoral workshop with Juliet Fall, Nicolas Senn and Andrew Lawrence. Geneva, Switzerland, April 12-13.


"L'approche phénoménologique dans la recherche en sciences sociales et humaines". Doctoral seminar with Ellina Mourtazina, Diane Linder, Gérald Hess. Invited guest: Nathalie Depraz. Lausanne, Switzerland. February 9.


"Ethnographies in motion. Exploring the relation between the anthropological notion of the field and mobility." Co-organizer of the CUSO doctoral workshop with Simone Abram, Stéphane Tonnelat, Anne-Christine Trémon. Lausanne, Switzerland. January 10-12.


"Exploring mobile methods through the prism of tourism". Workshop for CUSO doctoral school for geography in Switzerland. Co-organizing with Roger Norum, University of Leeds, Lauren Wagner, Maastricht University. Neuchâtel. February 7.


"Who is in – Who is out? The categories of tourism and migration and the dynamics of socio political inclusion and exclusion." Organiser of the panel 1 of the Conférence annuelle de la SSA (Société Suisse d'Anthropologie), Université de Lausanne, Suisse. November 11.