Christian Arnsperger
Full professor

University of Lausanne
Institute of geography and sustainability
Mouline - Géopolis 3622
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone +41 21 692 4331

Research fields

Monetary theory and the macroeconomics of sustainability

How does the way in which we create and circulate money economy-wide assist or, on the contrary, undermine our efforts towards sustainability?

Sustainable lifestyles and existential economics

How does our quest for a meaning in life make our ways of spending, consuming, saving, and investing more or less sustainable?

Convivialism and permacircularity: Towards a genuinely sustainable society

What new cultural practices and what institutional reforms do we need to introduce in order to hasten the emergence of a society that is genuinely sustainable, i.e. convivial and permacircular?

Sustainable culture and indigenous knowledge

In our quest for a culture that is both convivial and permacircular, what can and should we learn from the ecological, metaphysical, and anthropological knowledge of indigenous cultures?

The cultural roots of unsustainability in the United States

Making the planet sustainable will require us to understand the U.S.A.'s unsustainability. How did it emerge from the British culture of the 17th and 18th centuries?