Andrea Mathez
Graduate assistant - doctoral fellow

University of Lausanne
Institute of geography and sustainability
Mouline - Géopolis 3552
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone +41 21 692 3571

Andrea Mathez

After 10 years of studying, working, and living in 7 countries in three continents, I have started my position as a Graduate Assistant-PhD in the Institute of Geography and Sustainability (IGD) of the University of Lausanne, under the supervision of Christian Kull.

My doctoral research focuses on alternative agricultures in Switzerland and Morocco - forms of peasant agro-ecology that have persisted or emerged outside of agricultural planning and agro-industry - with the idea that these forms of agriculture carry within them the seeds for imagining and implementing socially more just and ecologically more viable agri-food futures. I adopt a Community Economies approach to study the more-than-human relations constituting these agricultures. I focus on the multiple dimensions – economic, political, historic, cultural, socio-ecological and embodied – that (re)make these farming experiences in both countries.

At the IGD, I also coordinate the Agroecology Initiative.

Before joining the IGD, I worked as assistant of the president of the Campus de la Transition in France, and as teaching assistant for the class - What ethics for the ecological transition - tought by Cécile Renouard at Sciences Po Paris. I also worked on the institutionalisation and the discourses of pastoralism at the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in Rome, and on local food circuits for the International Urban Food Network (IUFN) in France.

I hold a Bachelor in Socioeconomics from the University of Geneva, a Masters in International Development, specialisation in agriculture from Sciences Po Paris and a Masters in Globalisation, Environment and Politics from King's College London. I also studied Arabic at the School of Governance and Economics in Rabat, Morocco.