Dominique Barjolle

University of Lausanne
Institute of geography and sustainability
Mouline - Géopolis 3531
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone +41 21 692 3062

Sustainable food systems, Reslience, Innovations, True cost of food, Agroecology, Food and Health

My research topics are agriculture and food, within the concept of food system. I consider this food system as a whole as a socio-ecological system. It is formed by ecological and social factors, complex, heterogeneous in time and space with non-linear mutual influences. Production, distribution and consumption from farm to fork are the productive units of the food system, which are influenced by the market, politics, society and the environment, at different spatial scales. The instability present in this socio-ecological system is essential for the emergence and diffusion of innovations. The theme of interactions between the food system and health is gaining importance in ongoing projects.

My current research projects at IGD are the following:

Distributing value equitably in agri-food supply chains in Switzerland according to the Equal Profit model, in collaboration with the start-up Equal Profit.

AgriRobotics, Developing responsible models for the deployment of robotics in agricultural systems, project funded by the CROSS fund for collaborative projects EPFL-UNIL, in collaboration with Prof. Josie Hughes (EPFL). This project addresses the ethical issues related to the increasing robotization of farmers' work.

True Cost of Food. Project funded by the CROSS fund. This funding, with the support of E4S (UNIL-EPFL-IMD Enterprise for Society center) allows the formulation of a much more ambitious research project (SINERGIA), with partners from UNIL (FGSE-IGD, Faculty of Medicine-UNISANTE), EPFL, HEG-FR, in order to set up an interdisciplinary mechanism to identify and evaluate the full costs of food (including environmental and health costs).

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