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Urban Agriculture in Switzerland : definition and governance

Research fields Urban matters
Keywords Urban agriculture
Funding SER
Duration July 2013 - Juin 2016
Website http://www.urbanagricultureeurope.la.rwth-aachen.de/
Researchers Mumenthaler Cyril (Doctoral student)
Salomon Cavin Joëlle (Project coordinator) [web] [email]

Urban agriculture (UA) is an emerging research field in Europe. A Swiss approach to the subject needs to be initiated. The project urban agriculture in Switzerland aims to implement knowledge on that field in two main directions; first in defining the main characteristics of UA in Switzerland; secondly in identifying the place of UA in politics and urban governance. The main hypothesis is that the driving force for the development and legitimization of urban agriculture in Switzerland is its contribution to urban sustainability. These objectives will be carried mostly via a qualitative methodology and a cartography based on two cases studies in representative Swiss urban region (Geneva and Zurich or Basel) integrating local stakeholders. This three year project corresponding to the time-period of a PhD, will be carried out in close cooperation with the COST Action UAE participating to the deliverables of 3 of its working groups and contributing to the Atlas of urban agriculture in Europe.