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Land management for urban dynamics

Research fields Sustainable urban development
Politiques urbaines
Urbanisme durable et projet urbain
Keywords Institutions
Public policy
Urban governance
Canton of Vaud
Urban planning
Project management
Landed property
Property rights
Real estate market
Funding Secrétariat d'Etat à l'éducation et la recherche (SER)
Duration Juin 2009 - November 2011
Website http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/tud/Actions/TU0602
Researchers Prélaz-Droux Roland (Principal Investigator)
Ruegg Jean (Principal Investigator) [web] [email]
Tillemans Leah (Scientific collaborator)
Weber Philippe (Scientific collaborator)

Based on the idea that control over land is fundamental to influencing the urban development process and thus the quality of urban areas, this project investigates land management tool and strategies. It is organized in two steps. The first sets the general framework of the institutional regime of land. The second analyzes and evaluates, through a case study approach, different land management tools and strategies. This project is directly linked to the work done in the COST action TU 602.