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What levers to act on urban mobility?

Research fields Urban matters
Transport and sustainable mobility
Comportement et choix modal
Keywords Mobility
Geography of mobilities
Sustainable mobility
Funding CROSS (Université de Lausanne & EPFL)
Duration January 2015 - December 2016
Website http://www.ppur.org/produit/832/9782889151721/La%20mobilite%20en%20questions%20
Researchers Baehler Daniel (Scientific collaborator) [web] [email]
Mundler Marie (Scientific collaborator)
Rérat Patrick (Principal Investigator) [email]

In this general crisis, transport holds a special place because it is the area in which the reduction of energy consumption is the most difficult to obtain. If progress is so difficult for reducing energy consumption and ecological footprint, it is in particular because most of the expert answers remain ad hoc, seeing as they usually tackle the treatment of consequences rather than the causes of mobility. Acting on flow generation involves having understood the logic of action that underlie them, and therefore addressing a fundamental question: why do we move? Restoring the capacity for action of governments on mobility involves indeed to have identified the levers likely to change mobility behaviour, and then to be able to model them in relation to supply-side scenarios. In this endeavour, linking knowledge from the social sciences to those of engineering sciences provides a unique scientific strike force which may result in a reservoir of innovations for transportation engineering. It is precisely in this perspective that we propose to seize the question of everyday mobility.
Colleagues of the EPFL in the project team: Ander Audikana, Michel Bierlaire (applicant), Stefan Binder, Antonin Danalet, Vincent Kaufmann (applicant), Sébastien Munafò, Emmanuel Ravalet (applicant)