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Driving licence and young adults

Research fields Urban matters
Transport and sustainable mobility
Comportement et choix modal
Keywords Young people
Driving license
Funding Fonds vert de la FGSE
Duration November 2015 - October 2016
Researchers Baehler Daniel (---) [web] [email]
Gianluigi Giacomel (---)
Martin Antonio (---)
Rérat Patrick (---) [email]
Vincent-Geslin Stéphanie (---)

Since around 10 years, several empirical studies highlight a decreasing interest among young adults in western countries (Europe, North America, Australia, Japan, etc.) to get a driving licence and to use a car. What about young Swiss? Based on statistical data from the Microcenses and a qualitative study on 18-to-25-year-olds, this project seeks to delimit the phenomenon and understand its implications in Switzerland. The results will be compared to existing studies in other countries in Europe. The study addresses also a theoretical reflection on the peak car hypothesis.