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Living in a car-free housing

Research fields Urban matters
Transport and sustainable mobility
Comportement et choix modal
Keywords Sustainable urbanism
Residential mobility
Sustainable mobility
Carfree housing
Funding UNIL
Duration October 2014 - September 2019
Researchers Baehler Daniel (Doctoral student) [web] [email]
Rérat Patrick (Supervision) [email]

This doctoral thesis is about households living in car-free housing - residential developments where the inhabitants engage to live without a private car. I seek to understand why these households choose to live an such developments and how they are mobile in their everyday life in a world still dominated by the car. These questions will be addressed through the lifestyles that refer to values and mobility practices. The "mobility capital" - the potential mobility an individual possesses - and the strategies guiding residential choice and mobility practices will also be studied. Finally, the "territory's hosting potential" needed to live without a (private) car is addressed. Mixed methods - a survey and interviews - are used to study households living in nine car-free developments in Switzerland an Germany.