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Economic integration of metropolitan networks in space Rhône-Alpes / Bassin Lémanique

Research fields Urban matters
Keywords Urban diagnostic
Funding CESER Rhône-alpes
Duration Juin 2015 - September 2015
Website http://www.auvergnerhonealpes.fr/34-le-ceser.htm
Researchers Rozenblat Céline (---) [email]

Work of Gaétan Métral, Master's student The development of metropolises in globalization requires strengthening their bases on increasingly wider regional areas, giving them more critical mass, diversity and adaptability to spread abroad. The enlargement of regional, or even cross-border, perimeters is part of this dynamic. However, it is effective only if it is accompanied by a proactive public policy and incentive using the potential levers facilitating the emergence of strong networks of regional economic, scientific and social actors. The University of Lausanne, with its recent experience in strategic studies on the development of the Paris metropolis (study for the IAU, 2013) and that of the metropolis Aix / Marseille / Provence (study under way for the interministerial mission For the AMP metropolis) wishes to participate in the preparation of a reflection on the development of the Lyons metropolis in its regional environment expanded to the Lake Geneva region. The study will be conducted by Gaétan Métral, a student in Master of Geography, Urban Studies, City Systems and Spatial Analysis. His work will be supervised from an academic point of view by Céline Rozenblat, and on the CESER Rhônes-Alpes side by Michel Raffin. Study Definition: Metropolitan Outreach and Regional and Cross-Border Effects The study will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the global reach of metropolises in this "large cross-border region", their sectoral complementarities and the border effects that hamper the potential mutual interrelationships. In particular, attention will be paid to the conditions in which cross-border networking is reinforced, the European and world-wide spread of these metropolises, from the point of view of multinational companies and from the innovation of local businesses. It will be: ? Propose a diagnosis of the organization and regional coherence of the strategies of internationalization and innovation of the actors in various strategic economic sectors (to be specified during the exchanges throughout the study); ? Identify innovative niches forming levers for the development of sectors that would have potential for cross-border collaboration reinforcing the metropolises of the two cross-border regions. Scale and framework of the study: - Perimeter: Rhône-Alpes regions + Lake Geneva basin (cantons of Geneva and Vaud); - Frame: communal; Interurban Scale: Functional Urban Areas (FUA).