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MobCampus : Mobility practices of UNIL students and employees

Research fields Urban matters
Transport and sustainable mobility
Keywords Mobility
Spatial practices
Modal choice
Funding Dicastère Durabilité et campus / UNIL
Duration January 2017 - December 2017
Researchers Gianluigi Giacomel (---)
Martin Antonio (---)
Rérat Patrick (Principal Investigator) [email]

Between 2005 and 2017, every year a survey has been conducted among the students and the employees of the University of Lausanne. An online questionnaire addressed the journeys from home to the campus, the modal split (share of the different means of mobility), the temporal distribution (frequence and peak hours) and the spatial distribution (origin-destination, distance). The project has 4 steps: (1) data cleaning, archiving and provision; (2) an analysis of the different surveys to identify the principal tendencies and evolutions in mobility practices for the campus; (3) a monograph concerning mobility management on the campus; (4) the redesign of the survey for future editions. The project is realised in partnership with FORS (Prof. Boris Wernli and Laura Scaperrotta).