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Swiss in motion: analyzing and visualizing daily rhythms

Research fields Urban matters
Keywords Mobility
Urban planning
Funding CROSS – Collaborative Research on Science and Society
Duration April 2020 - March 2021
Website https://www.epfl.ch/schools/cdh/fr/recherche/cross/
Researchers Rérat Patrick (Principal Investigator) [email]

Researchers Yann Dubois (chargé de recherche), Patrick Rérat (requérant)

During the last 50 years, technological developments in transport and telecommunications have contributed to reconfiguring mobility practices, which have become more complex, thus accelerating daily rythms. A vast critical literature has described the negative effects of acceleration on individuals, social structures, inequalities, modal practices and territories. Moving past an acceleration often considered to be linear, recent research on the swiss case show that daily rythms present a substantial diversity in terms of spatio-temporal configurations and density of activities. This projet aims to develop new methods of analysis at the meeting point between social science and computer science, to further our understanding of daily rythms.