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Cycling safety on roads and intersections (SVI 2019/008)

Research fields Urban matters
Keywords Bicycle
Duration July 2020 - March 2022
Researchers Rérat Patrick (Principal Investigator) [email]
Marincek Dimitri (Scientific collaborator) [web] [email]
Dutheil Laurent (Project coordinator)
Fleury Julian (Project co-coordinator)
Tille Micaël (Project co-coordinator)
Scaramuzza Gianantonio (Project co-coordinator)

With the development of cycling in Switzerland in the last years, security has become an important issue, both in terms of increasing bicycle accidents, as well as lack of perceived safety for cyclists. This research aims to analyse cycling safety as a system composed of road users, vehicles, and infrastructure. It is part of a research mandate on behalf of the Swiss association of engineers and transport experts (SVI), which was answered by a team composed of engineering firm Transitec Ingénieurs-Conseils SA, Bureau de prévention des accidents (BPA), and a team from the University of Lausanne (IGD/OUVEMA). Three modules are planned: the first aims to analyse cycling accidents (BPA), the second to understand cyclists' perceived safety (UNIL), and the third to study the role of infrastructure for cycling safety (Transitec). The analysis will be based upon national cycling surveys, focus groups with cyclists in Lausanne and Bern, analysis of accident statistics and police reports, as well as interviews with planning experts.

Child with bicycle