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For an urbanism of living habitat environments: MOBIUS MOrphologies environnementales, BIodiversité, projets UrbainS Lausanne, laboratory of interdisciplinary experiments

Research fields Urban matters
Geographical Information science
Environmental humanities
Margins, environment, landscapes
Keywords Urban project
Urban planning
Landscape urbanism
Urban ecology
Adaptation to climate change
Funding Centre de compétence en durabilité / Fondation pour l'UNIL / UNIL/ OUVDD
Duration January 2022 - July 2023
Researchers Aubert Pascale (External expert)
Bollmann Axelle (Scientific collaborator)
Bonard Yves (External expert)
Christe Philippe (Project co-applicant)
Delabarre Muriel (Principal Investigator) [web] [email]
Doussard Claire (Scientific collaborator)
Guisan Antoine (Project co-applicant)
Pellet Jérôme (External expert)
Planchard Thomas (Scientific collaborator)
Roches Anne (External expert)
Vignal Bertrand (External expert)

If there is today a significant scientific knowledge in the distinct fields of urban ecology and urban design, the effects of their meeting are increasingly invested in a resilient urbanism for the habitability of life. Faced with the climate emergency, the loss of biodiversity, the depletion of resources and the artificialization of land, MOBIUS proposes to respond to these issues by conducting new multidisciplinary analyses combining human and social sciences and natural sciences, bringing together researchers, students, public actors, architects-urban planners-landscape designers, biologists, ecologists to propose concrete courses of action for an urbanism of open environments, understood as all unbuilt spaces, whether public or private, vegetated or not. Gathered together in a guide plan for a network of fresh ecological paths on the scale of the city of Lausanne, these visions will then be applied to three major sites of urban change identified by Lausanne in the PDCom (Municipal Master Plan: Sebeillon Sévelin, Nord/Est Boveresses, Rives de Lac).