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Assessment and inventories of geomorphosites

Research fields Geomorphology and landscape
Geomorphological landscapes and geo-tourism
Keywords Geoheritage
Funding University of Lausanne
Duration September 2001 >
Researchers Kozlik Lenka (Doctoral student)
Martin Simon (Doctoral student)
Perret Amandine (Doctoral student)
Regolini-Bissig Géraldine (Doctoral student)
Reynard Emmanuel (Principal Investigator) [web] [email]
Scapozza Cristian (Doctoral student)

Geomorphosites are landforms with a heritage value, both for scientific (as testimonies of Earth history) and more general reasons (aesthetic, ecological, cultural and economic values). Protection and promotion of this kind of sites need a preliminary assessment of their quality. During the last 15 years numerous methods of assessment have been proposed. IGUL has developed its own approach (Reynard et al., 2007). The methods is divided in two parts: the assessment of the central (scientific) value and the evaluation of various so-called additional values (aesthetic, ecological, cultural, and economic values). The method has been used in several studies aiming at the evaluation of the geomorphological heritage at the regional scale (valleys, nature parks). In order to facilitate the use of the method, a digital database has been developed. Currently, the method is object of an exension aiming at integrating the assessment of so-called use values, such as the tourist, the educative and the protection values. A methodological approached aimed at the management of the geomorphological heritage at the regional scale is also developed.


Description of the method (Reynard et al., 2007)
Paper published in Geographica Helvetica, presenting the method.
Download (PDF file; 800.78 kB)
Guide d'utilisation de la méthode (IGUL, 2007)
Description et guide d'utilisation de la méthode.
Download (PDF file; 177.45 kB)
Scientific research in geomorphosite studies (Reynard, 2008)
Synthesis paper on scientific research in geomorphological heritage studies.
Download (PDF file; 549.39 kB)


Reynard, E. (2008). Scientific research and tourist promotion of geomorphological heritage. Geografia Fisica e dinamica Quaternaria, 31: 225-230. Info
Reynard, E., Fontana, G., Kozlik, L. et Scapozza, C. (2007). A method for assessing the scientific and additional values of geomorphosites. Geographica Helvetica, 62(3): 148-158. Doi:10.5169/seals-72993 Info