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Glacial heritage of Chablais region

Research fields Margins, environment, landscapes
Geomorphology and landscape
Geomorphological landscapes and geo-tourism
Keywords Geoheritage
Funding Program Interreg IVa
Duration July 2009 - Juin 2012
Website http://www.123chablais.com/projet.html
Researchers Perret Amandine (Doctoral student)
Reynard Emmanuel (Supervision) [web] [email]

Within the framework of Interreg IVa project "1, 2, 3 Chablais", the Institute of Geography of Lausanne University carries out an inventory of glacial heritage of Chablais region. The research is realised by Amandine Perret, PhD student, under supervision of Jean-Jacques Delannoy (Laboratory Edytem, University of Savoie) and Emmanuel Reynard (Institute of Geography, University of Lausanne). The work is divided in three phases: (1) a study of the state-of-the art of scientific research on glacial geomorphology and history in the Chablais region; this phase allowed the compilation of a bibliographical synthesis and aims at producing maps of glacial stages at different moments in the area; (2) the realisation of an inventory of glacial geosites; this phase aims at the selection of emblematic sites allowing the communication on glacial heritage to be developed; (3) the elaboration of geotourist products on glacial heritage, in particular the realisation of an itinerant exhibition.


Perret, A. (2014). Géopatrimoines des trois Chablais : identification et valorisation des témoins glaciaires. Géovisions 45. Université de Lausanne, Institut de géographie et durabilité. ISBN 978-2-940368-21-1. Info
Perret, A., Reynard, E. and Delannoy, J.-J. (2011). Reconstitution des principaux stades glaciaires du Chablais : base scientifique pour la valorisation d'un patrimoine glaciaire régional. In Reynard, E., Laigre, L. et Kramar, N., Les géosciences au service de la société. Actes du colloque organisé en l'honneur du Professeur Michel Marthaler 24-26 juin 2010, Lausanne.. Lausanne : Institut de géographie. 91-103 Info