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Geosciences and knowledge transfer to a wide audience

Research fields Margins, environment, landscapes
Geomorphology and landscape
Geomorphological landscapes and geo-tourism
Keywords Geotourism
Funding PhD Thesis - UNIL
Duration September 2007 - July 2012
Researchers Kozlik Lenka (Doctoral student)
Marthaler Michel (Supervision) [email]

This study provides an analysis of the learning environment in the context of geoscientific mediation activities in situation of walking tours (guided or not). This research focuses on three topics that constitute the learning geo-environment: the public, the site, the media (physical or material) and the interaction between these poles. In this context, the interests and expectations of the audience are investigated, knowledge of the geology and geomorphology are also highlighted. The site is studied through criteria that constitute its geo-learning potential and the media is studied in its role as a link between audience and site. Studied areas gather multiple paths located in the Jura range (Regional Natural Park of Jura) and in the Valais Alps, on the left bank of the Rhone river.

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Martin, S., Regolini-Bissig, G., Perret, A. et Kozlik, L. (2010). Élaboration et évaluation de produits géotouristiques. Propositions méthodologiques. Téoros, 29(2): 55-66. Info
Bissig, G. and Kozlik, L. (2008). Wahrnehmung von geomorphologischen und geologischen Landschaftselementen und Interpretationsmöglickeiten mittels des 3 Geschichten Modells.. In Röhling, H.-G. et Zellmer, H., Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 56, 14. 12. Internationale Jahrestagung der Fachsektion GeoTop der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 30. April - 4. Mai 2008 in Königslutter im Geopark Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen. 14 Info