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Sport tourism : a playful and multidimensional practice of space

Research fields Cultures and natures of tourism
Keywords Tourism
Funding PhD Student/Teaching Assistant position
Duration February 2015 - January 2020
Researchers Geffroy Valérian (Doctoral student) [web] [email]
Stock Mathis (Supervision) [web] [email]

This PhD research investigates a contemporary leisure practice -- outdoor sport tourism -- and the multiple ways it engages with space, from the body to the global. This practice relies on specific mobilities and specific understandings of space; this research is an attempt to seize these specific features and to situate them in the contemporary leisure and travel cultures. Based on the theories of 'practice', this research investigates in particular the relationship between action and the 'informational' dimension of practice; the centrality of the latter for sport tourism is evidenced by the increased use of digital technologies and increased mediatization.