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Territorial marketing: crossed viewpoints in Russia and Switzlerand

Research fields Political ecologies
City and economy
Globalization / Liberalization
Analyse et prospective territoriale
Keywords Institutional management
Spatial development
Residential mobility
Residential aspirations
Canton of Geneva
Regional politics
Multinational companies
Canton of Vaud
Funding Swiss national science foundation; Academy of Sciences of Russia (Moscow); Institute of Geography (University of Lausanne)
Duration March 2012 - September 2012
Researchers Mager Christophe (Principal Investigator) [web] [email]
Zotova Maria (Scientific collaborator)

Urban marketing is a relatively new concern in Russia, while for a small open country like Switzerland, subject to a strong territorial competition, this practice has long existed. Comparing Russian and Swiss marketing stategies and tools targeted at the circulating elite – more specifically at the creative class in the sense of R. Florida –, the project aimed to go beyond the identification of local features to reveal, on the one hand, the cross-cutting elements able to anchor, in a changing world, people with a high mobility capacity and, on the other hand, to assess the marketing impact both on their residential aspirations and their evaluation of the socio-environmental context. Thanks to qualitative analyses led on a part of the Russians located in the lemanic metropolitan area - with the use of interviews and questionnaires -, this exploratory project has, up to now, pointed out the relative fragility of the territorial marketing (i) to convince the Russians of a regional specificity which would go beyond the traditional swiss clichés and (i) would build the image of an economic leading region where a long term stay would bring high economic advantages. To understand how this situation could be improved constitutes the next steps of the research. The International Centre of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (http://www.uni-lomonosov.ch/) and the Geneva Academic Center de Genève (http://www.academ-ge.ch/) have greatly facilitated meetings with resource-persons. Field research was conducted by Maria Zotova, Academy of Sciences of Russia.


Marketing des territoires: regards croisés en Russie et en Suisse
Buts du projet, méthodes, perspectives
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