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Environmental Change, Governance and Politics in Small North Indian Cities

Research fields Development, societies, environments
Sustainable urban development
Cities in the Global South
Political Ecology
Globalization / Liberalization
Politiques urbaines
Decentralization / Governance
Sustainable Livelihoods
Keywords Urbanization
Small and medium cities
Environmental governance
Environmental politics
Political ecology
Funding Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, Internal Investment Fund
Duration January 2011 - December 2011
Researchers Meyer Ursula (Scientific collaborator)
Rattu Paola (Scientific collaborator)
Véron René (Scientific collaborator) [web] [email]

Small and medium cities in India and elsewhere in the developing world have recently experienced a rapid demographic growth. These cities often face multiple and growing challenges of governance. This project aims to fill a knowledge gap on environmental dynamics and environmental urban governance in small and medium cities in India. The project examines the trajectories and effects of recent political-economic reforms regarding the effectiveness and sustainability of environmental governance, particularly in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal that differ greatly in terms of economic-reform and decentralization policies.

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Véron, R. (2010). Small Cities, Neoliberal Governance and Sustainable Development in the Global South: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda. Sustainability, 2(9): 2833-2848. Doi:10.3390/su2092833 Info